پخش زنده جام جهانی
یکشنبه 22 فروردین‌ماه سال 1389
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About Us

Poolad Khesht Khorasan Co. has become the unique Iranian manufacturer of fully steel Brick making machineries with capacity of 20000 bricks per hour, establish on 1994 under license number 54/117190 & registration No. 9064, and revenue license No. 44453, under protection of Iranian Ministry of Industry & Mine, by experiences & research in the past three decades, with the main target of production of high quality bricks machineries and utilizing the most advanced technologies is our aim.
Poolad Khesht Khorasan Co. recently, with manufacturing of heavy machineries, design and montage of other equipments of brick industries has his ability to execute establishment of brick factories in all over the world. It will be great pleasure for us to hear your view points.
Poolad Khesht Khorasan Co., in this manner begins a new step in revenging of our successful experience in producing machineries & materials recovery in heavy vehicles, oil, gas & petrochemical industries.



Poolad Khesht Khorasan opens a channel to world production of machineries in brick making & furthermore in technology transferring in Middle East, and another neighborhood countries, and finally in Latin America & African countries.